Podcast Episode: Putting Your Light On a Lamp-stand: 4 Ways to Make Recruiters Find You

It is already a known fact that Recruiters are those individuals within an organization in-charge of sourcing qualified candidates for an organization and placing them on open roles.

But most times, job seekers forget to let recruiters know when they are searching for jobs. 

I want to share two experiences that validate why you should reach out to recruiters when you need a job.

First – Very recently, one of my colleagues at my current organization reached out to me on behalf of his younger brother who just finished his tertiary education and compulsory national service and wanted to kick-start a career in tech. He was looking for either an internship role or any entry level IT role. Fortunately that same day I received a message from another recruiter friend who was looking to find an IT intern who stays close to their office (for reasons known best to the organization).

Immediately, opportunity met with availability. Imagine I never knew my colleague’s brother was searching for such an opportunity? 

Second scenario happened to me. In the middle of a pandemic in 2020, I left my job( I wasn’t sacked). I felt it was time to change location. I wanted to leave Lagos and so i let every recruiter in my network know about it.

Some weeks down the line I got a connection to my current job, did a series of interviews, passed the interview and resumed in December 2020.

Talking to recruiters is important if you need a job. Not all recruiters would have an opportunity to share with you instantly, but at least they know what to reach out to you on. 

Further on this episode of my podcast titled – Putting Your Light On a Lamp-stand: 4 Ways to Make Recruiters Find You I shared other insights on how to make recruiters find you.

Let me know what you learnt.

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