In the 2008 U.S Presidential election that had Barack Obama contesting, it was said that one of his greatest weaknesses was LACK OF EXPERIENCE.

But by now we know how that story ended, what was termed as his weakness turned out to be a strength among voters because Obama leveraged on that to envision and preach the CHANGE message that got him the votes and the office.

Experience is good. Infact, as a recruiter, I know that there are a very few organisations who would take a risk on you if you lack experience.

But let me play my role as a Leadership Evangelist in this letter;

Experience is good but experience can undermine your dreams because you may begin to worry about what cannot be done and why it cannot be done. 

But a lack of experience can make a person also believe in possibilities without being hindered by the knowledge of what was possible in the past. Lack of experience can be sweet. This is where innovators thrive.

Innovators always want to employ tools that are untested in the field, try new things that they don’t have total experience on and defy tradition. This is what brings real advancement to every society.

Take for example, Alex Otti, the current governor of Abia state without any previous political experience. He simply had a vision, and we are already seeing the traces of a new history being born in the state.

In life, all of us have some experience or the other. We just must know how to blend our previous experience with the attitude of possibilities to bring us into a new experience.

Your capacity to learn how to effectively employ new ways of thinking, to use new tools and to use old tools in a new way will determine whether you will be a leader or a victim.

Don’t let your lack of experience limit you.

Use what you have!

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