One thing I have learnt is that if we are going to be successful with people, we must know that rejection is a natural part of life and therefore we must learn the best way to handle it.

For example, you ran for office and believe you were the best qualified but ended up not getting elected? You didn’t get the Job you applied for or the promotion you are due for? You didn’t get a “Yes” from the lady you want? Your business idea didn’t make it to the funding stage?

Rejection is natural, but leaders know how you handle it matters.

First, you must know that rejection is actually a myth.

What gives rejection a definition and makes it powerful is what you think about the rejection in your head.

For example, if you ask a lady out and she says no, nothing really changes. What happens is that you didn’t have a new girlfriend, but you also didn’t have one before asking her out. So, your life didn’t get worse, it only stayed the same.

The only time rejection gets worse is when you start telling yourself something negative out of the experience you just had.

For example, if you go inside and start telling yourself something like ‘No one will ever like me” or “I may end up not getting married”, then you are just making rejection have a powerful effect on you.

One thing you must realise is that you will never lose anything by asking but you have a possibility of getting a “Yes” when you ask. So, don’t let the fear of rejection or past rejection stop you.

When someone says “No” to your request, just move and say “Next” to yourself. For everyone who says “No” to you, there is someone else waiting to say “Yes” to you, so don’t allow rejection to stop you.

I read a story about Col Sanders, the guy who founded KFC Restaurant. When he started out with his pressure cooker and his special recipe for cooking his fried chicken, no one believed him and the story goes that he received over 300 rejections before he could finally find that one person who believed in him and his recipe.

300 rejections!

Today, you hear of KFC because there are over 11,000 KFC Restaurants in more than 80 countries. This was simply a man who didn’t give up because of rejection. 

He mastered the art of handling rejection. How?

Every “No” means “Next”.

Leaders don’t know how to give up. That’s the secret.

If one person tells you “no”, ask the next person. 

There are over 6 billion people on the planet. Someone somewhere sometime will say yes. So, don’t reject yourself because someone rejected you. Move on to the next.

Someone is waiting to say “yes”.

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