This article is much of a question that would help you navigate a faster way of achieving your goals.

Here it is: Who has already done what you want to do?

One of the greatest things about living in today’s world is that almost everything you want to do has already been done by someone else.

Think about it, from losing weight, to starting a business, to becoming a millionaire, or as small as starting a podcast or leading a team – everything has already been done by someone.

The beautiful part of it is that most of those people who have done what you want to do have left clues for you to follow. Today, you will easily find a book about what you want to do, a podcast or a YouTube channel, online courses or masterclass, seminars or workshops. There are clues everywhere.

There are resources on how to make millions investing in crypto, real estate, stocks, starting your own business, becoming the best in your field. There are even courses on having a better relationship with your spouse.

For virtually everything you want to do, there are books and courses on how to do it. Another way to look at it is that there are people who have already successfully done what you want to do and who are available as teachers, facilitators, mentors, advisors, coaches and consultants.

If you take advantage of the insight in this letter, you will realise that life in itself is all about connecting the dots, and all the dots have been arranged by someone else, all you have to do is just find them, follow the blueprint or work the program that they provide

So why do people not look for who has already done what they want to do?

I remember after speaking at a career event, a lady walked up to me and appreciated the insight i shared and she explained to me how she graduated a few months ago from the university and she wanted to really build a career in a specific industry but she did not know how to go about it.

I asked her a simple question, have you spoken to people who have already accomplished what you want to accomplish? Eyes opened. 

I suggested she offer to take a female professional in that field to lunch and ask how she navigated her career in that industry. 

She was shocked that such a thing could be done. 

You will find in life that most people love to talk about their accomplishment and how they got to where they are, but unfortunately, most of us don’t take advantage of the people and resources available to us, and the reasons are simple:

  1. You don’t know. Because you have never seen others leveraging such resources you don’t know how to maximise it either. Your parents didn’t do it. You lecturers didn’t teach it and your friends aren’t doing it, so you don’t know.
  2. It is uncomfortable. Most of us have goals but we are so busy that we can’t find the time to go to the bookstore, buy a book to read. We love our comfort.
  3. Fear of rejection. This is one major reason most of us don’t leverage on the people available to us. We are afraid that we will be rejected so we don’t take the risk.

This article is for you.

I know you have visions and goals for your life this year, so do these 3 things this week:

  1. Find out a teacher, coach, mentor, book, podcast, YouTube channel or any resources that will help you achieve your major goals this year.
  2. Seek out someone who has already done what you want to do, and ask the person if you can interview him or her for 30 minutes on how you should best proceed.
  3. Ask someone if you can shadow them for a day so you can watch and observe their work. Or offer to be a volunteer, assistant or intern for someone you think you can learn from.

Go and do any of the 3 things above and come back with your lessons.

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