This article is about accountability and it was inspired by a response from one of my newsletter’s subscriber.

In my last article, I shared 5 Hacks that works for me in achieving my goals. One of them I didn’t share was Accountability. I have used it in the past and it worked well.

We live in a “people driven world”. So, when it comes to your vision and goals, God has prepared people to support you in achieving your goals and be a blessing to you. Take association and accountability seriously.

The law of association states that you become like those with whom you spend time. The influence of those you spend time with has a powerful effect on your goals, vision and how you end up in life, on whether you will succeed or fail.

Someone once said, “Show me your friend and I’ll show you your future”. Or He who works with wise grows wise.

If you want to achieve your life vision or your goals this year, please choose your friends carefully. Choose people who are going in the same direction you are and who want to obtain the same things you do, so you can reinforce one another.


Your friends are easily your accountability partners. There are the ones you easily tell about your goals first and so if you have wrong friends, it impacts negatively on your goals.

I remember my friend Isaiah used to be my accountability partner for a while. I will explain to him my next move and Isaiah will share opportunities he stumbled upon in the course of the week that aligns with my goals. Those are the kinds of friends to keep this year.

So, what are the 3 Insights on how you can protect your goals this year?

1. Disassociation: There are people and places you need to disassociate yourself from if you will ever achieve your goals, know them and take necessary action.

2. Limited Association: There are some people you need to determine how much time you will spend with them, not because they are bad, but because they fall into your category of casual friends – people you can’t trust with deep matters like your vision and goals.

3. Expanded Association: Find out that 1, 2 or 3 persons you should spend quality time with who share similar philosophy and discipline and make them your accountability partner. Those are the guys who remind you of your goals when you are distracted. They protect you, your vision and your goals more than anything. 

Don’t do 2024 alone. It’s not good for man to be alone! Find the right association.

Who is your accountability partner this year?

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