How are you measuring 2023?

It has been a great year!

This year, I stopped taking carbonated drinks. I used to be a coca-cola addict but since January I’ve not had a carbonated drink.

This post isn’t about carbonated drinks though.

I realise that many people have an imbalanced way of judging progress. 

For instance, many people believe they only made progress this year when they were able to change jobs, get promoted or receive a salary raise, buy a new car, buy a new house, get married, give birth, etc.

While those things are good, what if you were not able to get those things, do you still believe you made progress this year?

How do you measure progress, success and achievements?

That is a major difference between leaders and others. Perspective, attitude, little things!

Leaders do not only judge progress by tangible things but also by the intangibles.

You need to realise that little things really count. 

This year, you developed yourself, you ended an abusive relationship, you impacted a soul positively, you gave someone a gift that made them smile, you celebrated your friends wedding, you gave gifts to orphans, you taught someone something, etc.

Name them, one by one! There are many little things you have done this year.

Why not take some time to think about them and if you can, write them down? Those little things count, and they count as much.

Take time to pay attention to those little things, they are evidence that you made some progress this year.

As the year comes to an end, I encourage you to take a gratitude posture, for the big things and for the little things.

For me, beyond being grateful that I ended my addiction to coke this year, I am grateful to YOU, for reading my posts. It is my honest desire that each of them sparks a leadership drive in you and I sincerely hope to serve you better in 2024. 

As you wrap up 2023, review the year and be grateful. Update your CV, include your big achievements but don’t also ignore the little wins. Pick lessons from what did not work out as planned and then prepare and plan to do better in 2024.

You made progress! Be grateful as you enjoy the rest of the year!

Till 2024,  I celebrate you!

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