It’s in Your Fingerprint: Unlock Your Leadership

Do you believe leadership is for everyone? If everyone is a leader, who will be the follower?

These are few of the kind of questions I receive during my leadership sessions.

My recent google search result about the population of the world was estimated at 7.8 billion people as of 2021. 

And I was thinking about how in a world of over 7 billion people, how can I send a message that everyone of us can lead?

Then it occurred to me that there is one element in each of us that should make us accept this truth, and make us more responsible, functional and visionary. That element is Fingerprints.

Fingerprints are fascinating. One of the most intriguing things about fingerprints is UNIQUENESS. 

No two people have the exact same set of fingerprints, even among identical twins. No wonder fingerprints have been accepted all over the world as a reliable means of identification.

God is a grand designer, but a very detailed one. He designed each of us in such a way that you should not get lost in the midst of everyone.

We live in a world that categorises people into demographics and generations – Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen Z, etc. But today, I’m here to remind you not to get lost in the crowd.

No one has your exact fingerprint!

Just as your fingerprint is different and unique, you have a unique destiny, a unique assignment and a unique purpose. 

You are not ordinary, you were not designed to be ordinary. You are not just another person and you were not designed to be a carbon copy of your role models and mentors.

Your fingerprint is different!

If you use a device that has a fingerprint feature, for example your smartphone, you know that it is only your fingerprint that can unlock that device. Think about this in a deeper way. Only your fingerprint can unlock what is for you. Every purpose, resources and opportunity!

So, there is no competition when you are on purpose. Everything is unlocked by your fingerprint. God designed it that way. 

Your leadership is in your fingerprint.

You were not mass produced.

You have a unique fingerprint that shows that you have a unique assignment you were designed to accomplish on earth. It is crucial for you to understand this truth and as we wrap up 2023 and anticipate 2024, put your entire life into this truth.

We may be over 7 billion people in the world, but YOU are different and unique. We need you to lead. We are waiting – It’s all in your fingerprint.

Unlock your leadership.

Will you?

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