How to Write a Mail for Job Applications

I made up my mind I was going to write this. So let’s deal on this.

Have you ever sent a mail applying for a job without any content on the body of the mail? How do you feel doing that?

In my life as a recruiter, I have the opportunity to review thousands upon thousands of resumes for jobs. When I started my career, it was normal. Then I joined an organization where an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) made my job pretty much easier. So i know both what it means to review piles of CV sent to an email address and what it means using an ATS. The latter is better.

But not all organizations can afford an ATS initially but, let’s come to you.

If you ever see a job advert that requires you sending your resume or application via mail, please don’t send a blank mail with

Dear Recruiter, Please find attached.

Of course, all recruiters should see all resumes if possible, but from your end, ask yourself: How can I make a recruiter attracted to opening my resume in the midst of thousands he needs to open?

Answer: the body of your mail. You can write an attractive body that the recruiter reads and is interested in seeing what’s inside.

If you are a Nigerian, and you eat “suya”, then you must be used to the suya seller giving you a taste before you choose to buy. Think of the body of your mail as the taste you give to recruiter to lure him or her into opening your CV. Right?

So how do you go about structuring the body of your mail?

My recommendation: 

  1. The first takeaway is your Subject line. No matter how competent you think you are for the Job, please follow the instruction of the recruiter. If you are asked to use the title of the position as the subject line, please use it, no matter how you feel about it. You need to even be hired before you have a chance to prove your point or cause a change within the organization. First of all, focus on the first things first.

E.g. Social Media Manager or Applying for Social Media Manager Position

  1. Your mail should start with a salutation.  Dear “name of recruiter” if you know the individual’s name, if not, keep it at “Dear Hiring Manager, or Dear Recruiter”.
  1. Let the first paragraph of the mail focus on why you are writing. You don’t want to bore a recruiter who has piles of CV to review. Just keep simple. For example:

Dear Mr. Ibukun

I recently came across a job on your website and  I am interested in applying for. The position of Social Media Manger at Kekere Limited (and its requirements completely match with my skills and qualifications.

  1. Talk a bit more in detail about the job you are applying for and around the qualifications you have for the job.
  1. What you have to offer the company. Talk about your unique personality, your achievements at previous company – keep it simple too. No much stories.

If you can properly arrange these 5 things in such a way that it attracts the recruiter, you will have your CV shortlisted.

Your goal here is to stand out amongst other candidates.

Let me give you an example of a well crafted mail:

Dear Hiring Manager

I recently came across a job on your website and I am interested in applying for it. The position of Social Media at Phil Hallmark International Hotel and its requirements completely matches with my skills and qualifications.

I recently graduated in Mass  communications from the University of Benin and worked as Social Media content creator during my one year NYSC experience and I am currently looking to develop my knowledge and skills further in an organization of repute like Phil Hallmark.  

As a certified Google Digital marketer, I am adept in application development & enhancement and believe that will prove to be an asset for the company.

Please take a minute to go through the attached cover letter and CV for your consideration. It would be a pleasure if I can hear back from you regarding my job application.


Great Owete

You give the recruiter a feel good to open your mail and take a look at your CV than just leaving it blank. 

Does this help you?


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      March 24, 2021


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    March 5, 2021

    I love this.

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