5 Things I Consider Important When Planning For 2021

This is a concluding part of my thoughts on Planning 2021.

I don’t know who the author is but you will agree with the popular quote:

(S)He who fails to plan, plans to fail.

As the year 2020 c0mes to an end, you are gradually finding the motivations to plan for the coming year. But how exactly do you plan for every new year? What are the things you take into consideration?

Every time I plan for a new year, there are four things I literally pay attention to.

1. Review 2020.

I ask myself questions about the year. What are my key lessons for 2020? What am I grateful for? What worked and what didn’t work? What did I achieve and why? What did I not achieve and why?

These questions opens me up to honest assessments about my life and where i am, in relations to where i want to really be.
Examining the year helps you start with where you and honestly stay grateful.

An unexamined life is not worth living.

What are you grateful for in 2020?

2. What new thing will I do in 2021?

Every year I always plan to do something new and stretching. I consider this important if I will ever achieve my potentials. I remind myself that the year is only new when I do new things and improve on all things.

But I always strive to do ONE NEW, BIG AND FEARFUL THING.

For 2020, it was starting a podcast that i had procrastinated on for two years. I started Talking Careers podcast in January and today I’ve reached 40 episodes with over 2000 listeners.

What new thing will you do in 2021?

3. Write down what I want to create in every area of my life.

Growing up, I have always believed in setting goals but in the middle of the year when reality starts setting in, I forget what exactly I said I wanted to do. This was because I relied so much on my brain and my brain failed me.

In 2014 i became a sucker for Notepads and Diaries. I did a personal research and discovered that I use 1 Diary for about 70-80 Days since 2014. Notepads help me really stay focused. Writing down what i really want to create in my life in the year helps me stay focused and committed to it.

Also, I believe in the 6 Pillar Model for Optimal living and I’ve been using it for years. The 6 Pillar Model shows 6 area of my life I pay attention to for optimal living.

The 6 Pillars includes:

  1. My Body – In 2020, I committed to drinking 60cl of warm water first thing in the morning and tighten my abs. Taking care of your body is a lifelong commitment to live long. I don’t joke with it. In 2021, i am adding Skipping, Running to my abs training. “Operation No Big Stomach”.
  2. My Mind – In 2020, I committed to reading for One hour daily, no matter how busy the day looks. I read something every day. In 2021, My mind is my biggest asset, so I schedule time for meditations and reading. We only harvest from our minds the seeds sown.
  3. My Work: Here I consider what I want to create at work and in my career. Leaving nothing to chance.
  4. My Money – In my life, I believe if you don’t have plans for your money, others do.
  5. My Love – Yes, I am still single in 2021, but I need to plan to be double (LOL). I plan for my relationships basically, what i want to give to my mentors, friends and family.
  6. My Travels – If you know me, you know I am a born traveler. It’s beyond an hobby, i think it is my life. I feel sick when i don’t travel. So i schedule travel trips in the year. It helps me to stay organized on my movements. In 2021 though i want to visit an African country (Kenya is coming to mind sha).

Yes, that’s my 6 Pillar Model for optimal living. I consider them carefully when planning for the new year.

What about you? What do you want to create in each areas of your life?

4. Identify and resolve on the Routines and habits that would support the achievement of my goals.

I look at every plan I have to identify and decide on the routines that will facilitate what I want to create in each area of my life.

Goals don’t achieve themselves, people achieve them. But they are easily achieved through routines.

It is not what we do once in a while that helps us achieve goals, it is what we do daily.

Practice consistency. Nothing happens in your life if it’s not consistent.

5. Start NOW.

I start immediately so I get into the flow before the new year. Actually, I don’t set goals because it’s a new year, I set goals because I want to grow.

Sometimes I set new goals in May (during my birthday). That period comes with its own special kind of spirit and inspiration.

You can set goals in March, June or September. The moment you make plans, get started immediately so you can build momentum.

You don’t have to wait till January 1st to start working on your growth plan. Start immediately, it helps you get used to it.

There you have it, that’s how i roll.

What about you? Have you started already?

What’s your one new big and audacious goal for 2020. How do you make your own plans?

Please share in comment section. Looking forward to learning from you.


  1. Ihuoma Osimen
    December 26, 2020

    TThanks alot . Such a great read and insight

    • GO
      January 20, 2021

      Welcome, Thanks for dropping by!

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