Plan 2021, regardless…

With what happened to us in 2020, do you still have motivations to plan for 2021?

The world in 2020 was on lockdown. This alone saw many goals and plans made for the year suspended. Everyone was focused on survival and just staying alive.

If you are reading this, you survived. You survived the regular count of COVID-19 cases, the emotional trauma it resulted to, the job loss, and most important you survived LIFE.

You survived.

You survived because we are at the end of the year and at the time of writing, it is reported that the vaccines are almost ready, so there seems to be hope right?

However, towards the end of the year there’s usually that euphoria of new year resolutions, trying to make plans for the new year, setting goals for each areas of our lives especially our careers.

But planning 2021 seems to come with that loss of motivation because of what happened during the year 2020. Many who lost their jobs are totally down and COVID-19 really sent into people the reality of uncertainties and crippled people with fear leaving them to ask what’s now the need?

But i want you take a pause if you fall into that category. Let me tell you something I realized.

In my life I do a lot of travels. It’s both a hobby and a life. For all my trips I have learnt to plan them a lot more. I really plan and pack my bags days ahead of my departure for every single trip just to be sure that I wouldn’t  be forgetting anything.

But I realized no matter how much and how early I plan my trips, sometimes there is usually one or two things I forget to pack along. Strange?

At a certain time I planned for a Lagos to Benin road trip for two weeks only for me to get to Benin and realized I forgot the belt to my trouser. They’ve been that few cases where I forgot ‘one small thing”.

But here is the gist: No matter how much I forget some little things, I haven’t given up on planning for all my trips. The more I travel, the more I plan, and the more I master the art of planning and execution and the more I become more organized.

It would have been worse if I didn’t plan. So, forgetting some things as little as my belt for instance, hasn’t stopped me from planning the next trip. It just taught me not to forget the belt next time.

Honestly, that is how I see 2020 and the coming year and that’s how I want you to see it too.

No matter how bad 2020 has been, plan for a better 2021. Setting goals and making plans should be a lifestyle. It helps you stay focused on the elements you wish to create in the coming year.

Personally in 2019 I had some goals set for 2020 that wasn’t achieved. Yes, I started my podcast and changed my job which were two goals I made in December 2019 towards the year 2020. But there were still others I didn’t achieve. I have taken out time to review them and put plans in place towards 2021.

Move away from the emotional feelings of 2020 if you lost your job or experienced a pay cut. Plan a better 2021. Look not on what has happened with regret but pick lesson, plan and make moves.

I believe 2021 should not be a continuation of 2020. It should be a new year.

It’s up to you.

Compliment of the season.


  1. Temi
    December 19, 2020

    Thank you for the encouraging words, Great.

    Will plan the year.

    • GO
      January 20, 2021

      Welcome Temi. Wish you the best of the year.

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