As an undergraduate, do you have role models? Who are they? What do they do?

What role do you think the people you admire play in your life?

You need to know that someone is already doing today, some of the things you will love to do in future.
But in case you don’t know what you want to do in future; some of the things you want to do in future will come from your admiration and love for people who are already doing something related to it now.
You love the way someone designs for example, you love the way someone organizes his thought, you attracted to the way that man analyzes political issues on Television, etc. Somehow, those people are showing you the picture of something that relates to your future.
In my work with undergraduates, most of them chose to study a course in the university for example, because they liked the way their cousin or someone related to them (who studied law makes concrete arguments) and they are inspired.
Many years ago as an undergraduate, when I listen to Fela Durotoye speak, I was really inspired. I loved the way he spoke about Leadership and Life and how he uses stories and examples to inspire his audience and I wanted to speak like that somehow.
I had that heartfelt indication that he is somehow pointing to something about my future.
I went on to read Fela’s books and listened to more of his teachings on Youtube, just to relate with more of what makes him do what he does so well. I studied his profile and saw that he was a consultant. At that time I didn’t know what the meaning of a consultant was. This was many years ago, before he ran for the Office of the President of Nigeria. I took to researching what being a consultant meant.
That was how I started learning more about Life, Leadership, Consulting and People Development through reading books on Self Esteem, Team Work, Sales, Personal Branding, etc.

This is the power of ROLE MODELING.
Role Models are very powerful, and most times they are placed in your life to give you a picture of your future.
Some people will play a major role in your life to direct you to your future career decisions. You don’t really have to be like them or live the way they live in all aspects. They are just there to give you an idea of the kind of industry you should play in. They are confirming your passions.
When you meet them, there will be an indication in your spirit. You don’t struggle to like them and you don’t struggle to find them. Nobody will tell you because you just want to be like them.
Because there is nothing new under the sun that you want to do that someone has not done something similar.

Please, expose yourself to the works of great men and you will be inspired to find your own path.
Who are your role models?

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