Two Sure Ways to Develop Yourself To Become Value In The Eyes Of An Employer

Value is anything you provide people with in return for something. Value is anything people are willing to pay for.

But VALUE is in the eyes of the receiver.
This means that it is the prospective employer that defines what value means to their organization.
If you have access to this critical information it will help you position yourself to be seen as VALUABLE.
VALUE POSITIONING begins from your mind. If you believe you won’t get a job after school, then your belief will work for you. If you believe you have what it takes and you are willing to give it all it takes, then you have started the journey to being a value provider.
Many people go through school learning a lot but never developed their MIND.
From my 2nd Semester in 200 level while studying Sociology in  Delta State University, I started reading more books that will develop my mind than just reading Sociology textbooks.
I knew what I was doing, and it paid off.
Solutions comes from your mind, but if you don’t develop that mind to stir solutions, nothing will come out.
Two sure ways you can develop your mind: READING & THINKING.
1. READ – Build a habit of reading (not just your school textbooks).  You can schedule one hour everyday reading something that will develop your mind. You think you don’t have time? Tomorrow will tell.
2. THINK – When you read anything, you open your mind to information. But do this also: MEDITATE on what you read, spend some time to think over what you just read and come out with ORIGINAL IDEAS.
If you do this continually and consistently, you have developed an habit that generates solutions and ideas from your mind. It is in the consistency that you begin to see the result, not a one time activity. Soon enough, you will BECOME A PERSON OF VALUE.
These are some of my habit.
Note: These things are not easy, that is why only a few people become people of value. Only those who develops their mind today can lead tomorrow.
Will you decide to be among that few? Let me know in the comment section so I can track you!


  1. Mercy Donatus
    August 31, 2020

    Thank you Sir… I have decided to be among the few Sir.

    • GO
      September 5, 2020

      Amazing Mercy!

      I will like to keep track. Do you mind sharing what you are reading this September, why you chose to read that and how long you envisage completing the read?
      I will like to also share some time to learn your take away from the read, is that fine?

      Warm Regards.

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