On Finding Career Clarity

I wanted to study Economics or Political Science in the University because Economics & Government were my favorite subject in secondary school.

But Jamb happened, so I ended up studying Sociology in Delta State University, Abraka.
Some time ago, someone i was coaching asked if i were to go all over again, what would i study?

My reply: Sociology & Psychology
After spending four years studying Sociology in Delta State University, I took some months after my graduation to read my Sociology textbooks and note books, this time not because I wanted to pass any exam.
Then I realized that actually Social Issues and Social Problems are at the center of my heart and the reason the world exist. And sociology is all about this!
I know many of us got into courses of study we have no business doing in the first place but the problem is that we think we are grounded.
Let’s agree that you can’t change what you studied or are currently studying anymore but right now, what should you be doing?
You should always be asking yourself questions!
Questions like, regardless of what I studied, what sort of future do i seek to create for myself?
Many years ago, I was seated in a hall in DELSU where Niyi Adesanya spoke to a few of us. I left that hall with a lot of questions.
Today, I realize that the questions young people ask themselves is really what leads them into series of transformation.
Many young people are not asking themselves any questions this season. They wait till graduation to ask certain life questions and it just may be late.
Serious students are asking themselves, what will I do with my life? What sort of jobs should I pursue? How do I get that job within the shortest possible time after school?
A truly successful career begins with Clarity. Clarity needs some form of questioning.
You may find these two episode of my podcast useful for Career Clarity. Episode 21 & Episode 22

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