My 2022 End of Year Reflection

This year, I turned 30 and reprioritized a lot of things including journaling, writing and sharing my thoughts.

(I look forward to sharing better every year a list of projects, books, and other things that made a difference for me).

For now, here is the summary:

First, I relocated to Delta State this year, after growing up in Lagos and spending some years working professionally in Lagos & Benin.

As I turn 30 this year, my mission for work is to develop leaders and leadership solutions for Africa — with a focus on young people from the South-South region of Nigeria.

I successfully registered a Non-Profit with the name — The Great Owete Leadership Development (GOLD) Foundation and plan to lead a sustainable organization that would be focused on leadership development of young people.

In addition to being a card carrying member of a Political Party in Nigeria, I got admitted into the School of Politics, Policy & Governance led by Madam Oby Ezekwesili. It is a part of my commitment to learning and providing leadership for my country.

I was invited to speak on a couple of platforms, notable of them was at the Winners Chapel Youth Convention Career Fair in collaboration with Covenant University at Ota. I’m grateful for the privilege to share.

My Favorite Book of the Year — Love does not win Elections by Ayisha Osori

My Favorite Music of the Year — Neon Adejo

My Lesson 1:

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart”. Luke 6:45

My major work is to store the good things I want to see in my life into my mind.

My Lesson 2:

Many people can read the same book and get different results in their lives. Many people attend the same programme but experience different results in their lives.

The Key of Difference is not what book you are reading or what programme you are attending. It is about what you are practicing. Practice makes leaders!

Compliment of the season!

Great Owete.

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