How are you measuring your success?

How are you measuring up?

In all honesty, when many of us were getting set to leave the university (including me), the model of success we were taught: What Job will I do and how much am I going to be paid.

This is an honest perspective because we all do our best based on the level of exposure available to us.

When I joined the workforce, through reflection and desire for a better me I took myself deeper into new measures of success.

It’s not just about the face that I never wanted to be the regular guy but that I feel that life is too short and too precious to spend it entirely measuring by job title and salary because at the end of life “Annual Gross Salary” cannot pay for this thing called life.

In recent times in my career life, I’ve had to made certain scary decisions and moves, some that turned out well and others that didn’t turn out well, all in a bid to LIVE FULLY and exhaust everything within me.

If you live in the world today, you will realize that pursuing success and measuring success with the yardstick of your friends, peers and colleagues will drain you into pressure and emotional death.

Today is to make that decision that You are never going to pursue success and define success like everyone else. You’ve got to measure differently.

Sometimes, it would need you to pack your bags and move to a new location that guarantees your mental health but pays you 10% less than you would earn working 24 hours. I hope you get what i mean? I hope you don’t confuse what I’m communicating to mean that money isn’t important.

But more than your Job title, what you really do on a job is important. More than what you earn, who you really help with what you do matters. More than a 9-5, your mental health and your physical health is key because you cannot make impact if you are not alive. Stay alive!

I had these kind of conversation with a prospective corps member in Nigeria who is on the cycle of decision making about what’s next. I shared more about my own beliefs about Jobs, Work, Careers and Success.

These kind of decisions could be difficult but If you need to pull out an Excel sheet to capture all the context within an opportunity before making a decision, take your time. But really, not all your decisions will make full sense, you need some wrong decisions to make the right ones next time.

Just be sure to remain a shameless learner and at all time, a shameless DOER.

For me, success is no longer defined by Job titles or how much I earn. Success for me is measured by how close I am to the mission of my life, how well am I delivering and giving to the mission.

What about you? How are you measuring?


  1. Agorua Ozioma
    April 16, 2021

    Thank you sir .
    I appreciate this and more to come.

  2. Shalom Anirigwo
    April 17, 2021

    This article came in handy.

    Thank you so much sir.

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