How To Identify Your Passion & Build A Successful Career Around It

Passion is a word that has been used too loosely in recent times and so we think everything about life and career is passion, right?

So what is your passion?

I believe in passion but I have certain digressing thoughts on passion. This post is to share a real life experience about passion.

First, I do not believe in the fact that all that makes you successful is just finding your passion because not all passions are profitable. 

Also we assume that passion is something we wake up to or something that falls on us. 

If we will be successful, we will spend some good time identifying our passions and that passion must be helping someone solve a problem for it to be marketable and profitable.

This post is about my Friend we call Sir Mayor. I have known since we were teenagers.

Sir Mayor currently works with a Financial Institution as a Finance Specialist.

From a tender age he had excessive interest in calculation and teaching. He realized he didn’t just have passion for mathematics or anything that has to do with calculations but he also derived so much pleasure teaching it.

He noticed he could spend countless hours not feeling bored in calculations, but I am totally different from Sir Mayor. 

Sir Mayor today earns majorly from two ways – working as a Finance specialist and also launched an educational organization that teaches undergraduates and professionals Financial Accounting, Mathematics and anything calculation.

First question – What have you noticed about yourself, your desire and your interest? What can you spend countless hours studying? Furthermore, what can you teach others for free without feeling bored?

There may be possible career paths. Don’t close your mind to these topics. Look into them.

2. In 2014 i was done with the university but i was feeling on top of the world because i couldn’t place my hand on my next steps. I had just graduated from the university with a good grade but I didn’t have a clear idea of what my career path would be. I have a lot of passions and i knew it was just time to look deeply and find what should I be doing next.

I spent my one year in NYSC asking a lot of questions, searching for clarity, trying to come to terms with what is next for me. 

There were certain questions i asked like “What have i done in the past that can serve as a pointer to what i like to do and that can be a career path for me?

In identifying your passion, questions can be the ways to get answers and connect the dots.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I get lost doing that I lose track of time? What have i done in my life that made me forget to eat?
  • What can I stay all night listening to or talking about for hours and still remain fired up?
  • If I had all the money in the world, what would I do with my time?

Here is the conclusion: Passion is a necessary ingredient to building successful career so whichever way you identify your passion, that passion must be solving a problem if it will be marketable and profitable.

So, what is your passion?

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