You Need A List of Career Options

When it comes to preparing for the Future (of work), i believe the best days we have as young people are the days we spend in the higher institution.

This is because our years on campus gives us the time and platform to DISCOVER what we should do or be about when we graduate.

Yes, I graduated from Delta State University and I know the reality of students trying to get a strong 2.1 so you are well positioned to find a job.

If you could pause a moment,

What you would finally do after school may be way different from what you studied on campus.

Therefore, your four or five years on campus should be maximized on self exploration.

This is not something many students know or do.

That’s why my focus is on helping, coaching and supporting students so that they can graduate and build a successful careers.

Make an attempt to document all the things you can do.

You don’t have to have it all figured out about how you can build a career from it.

For now, just have that list.

Write everything. Ask your friends. Update the list regularly.

Soon enough, you will begin to expand on those things and further clarity would lead you to find how to build a profitable career from them.

On my list years ago was: Acting, Keeping things in order, writing, travelling, solving problems, speaking, volunteering…

What’s on your own list?

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